• 2019-07-09
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Bengkulu, suryadewata.com Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Minister of PDTT) Eko Putri Sandjojo hopes that the sm@rtDesa247 application can be applied to all Indonesian villages.

The first application that was present in the country that has the slogan "IndONEsiA, Indonesian thumbs up".

"I hope all villages can implement this application in accelerating the development of Indonesia 4.0," Eko said in Bengkulu on Friday (11/16).

This was conveyed when he visited the exhibition stand of the 2018 Rural Product Leading Expo and Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Bengkulu Province.

He said, the application of sm@rtdesa is pioneered by Duda Timur Village and this application also has a complex and integrated program.

sm@rtDesa247 as a village administration application can help village governments to promote their area (vision, mission, achievements, culinary, tourist attractions and connected location plans with digital maps).

In addition, they are able to know the incidence of crime, natural disasters and accidents. Users can make audio or visual communication with other users and other Regional Officers without the limit of the number of participants.

The application is also able to increase the efficiency and productivity of administrative services to citizens. Spread announcements to residents or other government officials.

As well as supporting the Non-Cash Village National Movement and being able to have accurate and updated citizen data in "real-time" even it is completed with statistics.

Five awards of World Record Museum (MURI) from the Duda Timur Village were displayed on that event. They are Citizenship Application Based on Citizens' Social Data, Online Citizenship Application Without using Internet Connection, sm@rtBudgeting Administration Program, "Cashles Management" Financial Program, Citizen Location Monitoring Application In "Real-Time" Based on Blood Type.

With this, it is able to develop the just and prosperous society with the help of technology.

Meanwhile, Vice President of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Center Muin Fikri fully supports the development of the program.

Therefore, the application is in line with BNI's vision of the mission towards digitizing Indonesia's IDA 4.0.

"We are trying to prepare a variety of financial support to facilitate the use of the sm@rtDesa247 application," he said.

Therefore, various government programs can also be channeled faster and on target.

The Chairperson of the Indonesian Smartdesa Association, I Gede Pawana and Village Chief of Duda Timur hoped that the event would be a momentum to introduce sm@rDesa247 to public community.

The application can facilitate village management and development. At the same time optimizing public services in prime.

This is in response to the times and technological advancements.

"We will continue to develop this technology so it can be more perfect," he said.

He was accompanied by PT Saebo Technology CEO Sony Kastara Dhaniswara who expects the that sm@rtDesa Indonesian Association can have an active role in developing the application.

"This organization is a forum for those who use and are interested in becoming new users," he concluded (ART)

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