• 2019-07-09
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TEGAL-Tegal City Government is designing Smart Bahari 247 application as an effort to present information data transparently while increasing citizen participation in making data, applications, providing constructive input and criticism to the Tegal City Government.

This was conveyed by City Mayor of Tegal Drs. HM. Nursholeh MM.Pd when opening Tegal City Poverty Reduction Coordination Team (TKPK) Meeting, in the Adipura Room, Tegal City Hall Complex, Thursday (23/8).

Nursholeh conveyed, the system would later be able to help the City Government in achieving faster and more efficient performance targets. "I want to leave a memento to the beloved city of Tegal whose benefits can be utilized for all," said Kang Nur, the Mayor's familiar greeting.

The name of smartBahari247, said Nursholeh, took the name of the slogan of the City of Tegal, Kota Bahari. Which means the city of Tegal is modern, clean, safe, green, beautiful, neat, and beautiful for 24 hours and seven days a week.

In creating the system, Nursh was asked to join PT.Artha Megah Mandiri (AMM), one of the companies from Jakarta that is engaged in technology and information.

The application utilizes various technology and sensor applications to collect and utilize information to regulate and maximize the assets and wealth of the region as much as possible in achieving mutual prosperity.

"This information comes from population data, tools and regional assets that are processed, analyzed, and used to curb and maximize transportation and parking systems. Waste disposal, power-plants, security apparatus, regional and national information systems, schools, libraries , hospitals and clinics, as well as other communities ", said Kang Nur.

With the complementary role of technology and society, Tegal will be a smarter city because it involves its citizens, government, economic power and natural resources to make all life better.

"Later when the national or even international community feels the benefits of smartBahari247, we can be proud that we and our beloved city Tegal are the pioneers," said Kang Nur.

PT AMM Representative Sony Kastaradaniswara accompanied by Marketing Arif Hijrah said, Smart Bahari 247 is a program or synergy of various technology applications that can be used by the City Government to achieve targets more quickly and efficiently.

"It is an application program that fills need between the City Government and the community. The more people get benefits, the faster the City Government reaches the target itself," concluded Kastaradaniswara.

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